Gray Wolf

[GWG] Daeima AdminD.X.O. posted Feb 3, 15

Brief history of Gray Wolf:

After the beta testing phase of the game was complete, a handful of pilots on the WoWP forums started discussing
various options & ideas on forming a group of "over the age of fifty guys" with a common passion for the game.
After a few months of discussion, the concept became a reality in December 2013.

Gray Wolf was then presented to the World of Warplanes forums and its membership.
It was quickly realized that there was quite a bit of support for this concept.
We started recruiting, built a website, secured a Team Speak voice communication server and never looked back.
Gray Wolf was born and continues to grow.
We currently have 3 Divisions & enjoy several different games among our members.
Our Values and Requirements:

Anyone can fly with Gray Wolf members anytime he or she wants as a guest.
To reap the benefits of all that Gray Wolf has to offer, one needs to be an exclusive member.
Although we're mainly a group of 50 & older members, we do make exceptions now and then.

All members of Gray Wolf are expected to maintain the integrity of the group and its members at all times.
This includes forums, general game play, chat, our Teamspeak server and anything that Gray Wolf or it's members participate in.
We ask that all members and guests of Gray Wolf conduct themselves accordingly.

Gray Wolf may be what you’ve been looking for to make new friends, group up and enjoy your gaming experience.
Our requirements are listed on the Recruitment Page.

Good hunting from all of us at Gray Wolf.

Daeima (Founder & CIC)

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